Thick and Mystic Moment

The Moment of Change - Coming Mid 2019

The Thick and Mystic Moment

The Thick and Mystic Moment is a video series we produce in house. It is being developed to address the critial need for change in our lives. Watch a video about the series here.

We all have moments of change. Moments when your life moves in a new direction, to a new level or even a new place. And although those moments are often the result of great courage and determination, most of the time they find you through the natural course of life, sometimes they are even forced on your whether you are ready or not.
Change has been a central part of the human experience since the beginning of time. And because change is at the heart of progress and growth, without it our individual lives will stagnate and we ourselves fall into disrepair.

Although sometimes a change may be in the works for years, actual change in your life happens in an instant, we call those moments of change Thick and Mystic Moments. We are fascinated by those events, where they come from and how we can create them in our own lives. Join us a we visit with people about their instants of change, their Thick and Mystic Moments.

Meet Robert John Hadfield - The Owner

Robert John Hadfield is a producer, director, actor, voice artist and musician. He has worked in professional audio and video production since the 1990s. Robert John has extensive experience on both sides of the camera and microphone so he can help you get the result you want.

Robert John has a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and decades of experience working on media projects for large and small organizations. Here are some the organizations he has worked with:

  • Best Buy

  • American Red Cross

  • TTEC

  • Tata Technologies

  • US EPA

  • Weight Watchers

  • Satmetrix

  • Peppers & Rogers Group

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We have a full-service audio & video production facility in St. George, Utah (just over an hour from Las Vegas.)


We have been doing professional media production since the 90s. The studio owner, Robert John Hadfield, is a producer, director, actor, voice artist and musician


We can help you with all of your audio and video production needs. We can help you accomplish your goals.

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