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We have been in the professional audio production business since the early 1990s. In 1995 we produced two songs for the TV Series "Extreme" starring James Brolin and a song for the USA Network movie "Dead Air" Starring Gregory Hines. Since that time we have produced and recorded everything from voice overs, to bands, rap artists, various individual musicians and even audio recordings of plays and live productions. We have a full-service audio production facility.

Do you want to make a video of you performing?
Do you need to make a demo for a University or an agency?
Do you want to make a professional recording?

The Thick and Mystic Studio is the place to do it all. Thick and Mystic Media is a full-service audio and video production facility.

In 2018 we opened a new facility in St. George, UT. We can help you make that perfect video for Youtube or Facebook, we can help you record that song you love to sing, we can help you make that amazing demo you need for an audition or an agency.

The owner, Robert John Hadfield, has worked in the audio and video production business since the early 90s. Robert John began working in recording studios at the age of 16 and worked as a professional singer and musician through the 1990s. After that he became heavily involved in audio and video production while continuing to perform in working rock bands. Robert John is an accomplished vocalist, guitarist and producer and can help you make something you can be proud of.

We are also one of the premier providers of analog to digital media conversion. We have worked with large organizations and government agencies across the United States and have completed some of the largest projects ever undertaken in that industry. Our clients have included The State of New Mexico, The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the State of Minnesota Legilative Research Library, Clay County Historical Society in West Virginia, San Bernardino County in California, and thousands more individuals and organizations.

Our studio is conveniently located in St. George, UT only 90 minutes outside of Las Vegas - everyone goes to Las Vegas. :) We are located in one of the most beautiful and fastest growing areas of the United States.

Meet Robert John Hadfield - The Owner

Robert John Hadfield is a producer, director, actor, voice artist and musician. He has worked in professional audio and video production since the 1990s. Robert John has extensive experience on both sides of the camera and microphone so he can help you get the result you want.

Robert John has a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and decades of experience working on media projects for large and small organizations. Here are some the organizations he has worked with:

  • Best Buy

  • American Red Cross

  • TTEC

  • Tata Technologies

  • US EPA

  • Weight Watchers

  • Satmetrix

  • Peppers & Rogers Group

Give the studio a call and let us help you bring your vision to life - 303-255-9921.


We have a full-service audio & video production facility in St. George, Utah (just over an hour from Las Vegas.)


We have been doing professional media production since the 90s. The studio owner, Robert John Hadfield, is a producer, director, actor, voice artist and musician


We can help you with all of your audio and video production needs. We can help you accomplish your goals.

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