Transfer Cassettes to Digital New City Discount!

Transfer Cassettes to Digital New City Discount!

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We have served customers in hundreds of cities across the United States.

We have perfected this process over the last twenty years. That's right, twenty years! In 2007 we were featured in Real Simple™  magazine, we already had a long track record at that point - and most of our competitors weren't even in business yet! 

If you are the first customer from your city, enter the code NEWCITY in your cart and get a 15% discount. Click here for the list of the cities we have served.

Starting your order is very easy. Submit your order here on the web site then mail your items to us - we take care of the rest.

We have the most competitive quantity discounts in the United States. Quantity discounts start at only six tapes and can go as low as $5/ea. See the table below.

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What you need to know...

Everything you need to know about shipping, payment, etc. will be provided as you submit your order. 

We don't charge anything up front, so even if you want to add or remove things from your order before you send it, that's no problem. We will figure it out when it arrives in our studio.

We capture both sides of your cassette tapes and we do some basic sound restoration and cleaning on every order - it's not a hidden cost.

Return shipping is ALWAYS free - no matter the size of your order. 

If you have other kinds of tapes, including video tapes, you can add them to your order. Just follow the "Transfer Tapes" link at the top of the page. All of the different options are there and can all be added to your cart.

We complete most orders in approximately two weeks. That can vary based on the size or your order and the workload in the studio. If you need your order back by a certain date, we can usually make that happen, just let us know ahead of time. Give us a call or include a note in your order. There is no extra charge for rush orders. 

If you have questions, or simply want to discuss your project, please call our nationwide number - (833) 985-0703.

Quantity Discounts

Prices will be updated automatically once you add items to your shopping cart.
# Price
1-5 $19/ea
6-10 $13/ea
11-20 $10/ea
21-100 $8/ea
101-500 $7/ea
501-1000 $6/ea
1001+ $5/ea
If you have a large quantity please contact us for a custom quote. We may have solutions you haven't considered and additional price breaks available.

We have done projects for govt agencies, churches, celebrities and even one Vice President of the United States. We were selected by the First Judicial District Court of New Mexico to convert their entire 115,000 cassette library to digital - the largest project of its kind in U.S. history.

Real Simple™ Magazine used our service anonymously with one of their test families in 2007. They were impressed enough to tell the world about us in their article, they even updated the article in 2014 (click here to see the Real Simple article!).

After two decades in the professional audio/video business, you can trust us to provide excellent results. If you have questions please email, call or text us here. Do not hesitate to call us. We know that sometimes you just want to hear a voice to make sure you feel comfortable.

We look forward to helping you!