Do you send my original materials back ?
Unless you specifically ask us not to send it back, we ALWAYS send your tapes back to you.
Does the price listed include both sides of my tape?
The price is for both sides - the entire thing. Some people hide charges like that, we don't.
Why don't you charge any money up front?
Although we may change this policy someday, there are several reasons that we don't charge anything up front:
  • We specialize in working with large organizations, inlcluding government agencies, that do not pay up front. So our processes are designed to take that into account.
  • Many of our customers have hundreds, if not thousands, of tapes and sometimes they are too busy to get an accurate count.
  • Frequently customers don't know what is on their tapes. And we have a policy to not charge you for  blank tapes. In those cases it makes more sense to bill customers after we are finished.
  • Some customers want to make changes to their order after it arrives in our studio, for example they may want extra copies of something, a different media, etc., and not charging up front gives you the flexibility to change your order.
  • And finally, it's about trust. Sending your things to a company is a little unnerving. So it's our little way of demonstrating that the trust goes both ways.
I just submitted my order, now what??
You should have received a text or an email with your order number and a link to your order overview. Simply send your tapes to our studio and include your order number on the label. For example the address label would look something like this:

955 North 1300 West
Suite 14
St. George, UT 84770
I only have one tape, is that okay?
No order is too large or too small. We have completed projects for individuals and organizations across the country. Everything goes through the same quality equipment.
Do I need to worry about Xrays and electronic scanners with the shipping companies?
There is absolutely nothing to worry about. The shipping companies do not do anything that will impact your media. This may have been true 50 years ago, but there is no reason to concern yourself today. We have received hundreds of thousands of tapes over the years and have never seen a problem of any kind in that area.
How do I get started?
You have three choices. You can place your order online, print an order form and fill it out manually, or request a custom quote.  
Can I get extra copies?
Provided there are no copyright restrictions, yes. Extra copies are $5/ea. Put a note on your order form or in your package and we will take care of it.
Why should we use AudioMover™ for this service?
We have the unique distinction of being both computer experts and audio experts. A great recording is the result of a skilled and cautious engineer. At AudioMover, we bring that expertise to the table with every project. We have worked in the world of professional audio for over a decade. We thrive on quality results. We bring human skill and passion to your project. If you want your project done correctly, we believe we are the only reasonable choice.
Why is your service less expensive than others?
We have been working in the analog-to-digital business for nearly twenty years. Because we specialize in large-quantity projects, our prices are naturally lower. However, we use the same high-quality equipment for your project that we use in massive archiving projects for government agencies and historical groups.
How long will my order take ?
Most orders can be done in two weeks. If you are in a rush, we can even get small projects done overnight. Larger projects can take time and we will give you an estimate if you ask for a formal quote. No matter the size of your project, feel free to contact us about your situation.
What are the copyright restrictions?
We rarely receive copyrighted items and we do not offer legal advice. We expect you will do the research before shipping your order.
How can I contact you?
Click here for different options.
Where do I send my order?
955 North 1300 West
Suite #14
St. George, UT 84770
Is there a guarantee?
Of course. If there is a problem because we didn’t record the LP or cassette correctly, we will pay to have the cassette or LP shipped back to our studio to re-digitize, re-master and re-burn.
What type of label do you put on the CD or DVD?
We use a thermal printer to print the title information directly on the disk itself. If you don't give us specific instructions we will use whatever is written on the item itself. If there is nothing on the item we will number it and use that number as the label. We do NOT use sticker labels. Why? Have you ever seen a piece of tape after about 10-15 years? it turns yellow and falls off! This will likely be the fate of most CD sticker labels. We want your disk to last as long as you do so we use a higher quality solution.