When Everything Else Breaks Down

The Value of the Just-In-Case Position

When I was a child I was a football fan. Not because I particularly liked football, but because both of my parents were from Fort Worth/Dallas. And for many people in that region of Texas, the Dallas Cowboys might was well be a religion.

When I was about five, my grandparents bought me a blue and silver winter coat with a Dallas Cowboys emblem on the left chest. So I had been branded a cowboys fan.

When I approached my pre-teens that blind devotion to the Dallas Cowboys actually turned in to a love of the game. I started collecting trading cards, I bought a book about the history of the NFL and I became acquainted with all the terminology and all the positions on offense and defense.

There are a wide variety of positions and skills needed to have a successful football team. Some positions are so specialized they share almost nothing in common with other people on the team. For example, a punter and a defensive lineman have absolutely nothing in common except the jersey. They may not even know each other’s names!

On the other hand there are positions that require a great deal of knowledge and a wide range of skills. And there is one in particular that stands out on the team.

The Safety.

The safety is a defensive position and usually lines up several yards downfield, behind the rest of the defense. Like the name implies, this person provides safety. If nothing else, the Safety is the last line of defense on the team. If the person running the ball makes it past the defensive line and line backers, the Safety is the team’s last chance to stop him. If a wide receiver gets away from the person covering him, the safety has to jump in. If a receiver catches the ball downfield, past the rest of the defense, the safety has to be there to stop him. And in some special plays, like a blitz, the safety may even be the player who sacks the quarterback.

The safety has to be fast enough to catch people and strong enough to bring them down. The safety has to be alert and agile and able to handle incredible pressure. But most of the time the job of the safety is like Right Field in baseball. You aren’t really needed until you are needed. But when that moment comes, you save the team. When the person with the ball breaks through the rest of the defense, everyone is looking at you to save the day.

Sometimes I think of our company as a Safety in our customer’s lives. You don’t need us all the time, but when you do, we’re here, we’re ready, and we know what we’re doing. We have the broad range of skills and capabilities that make us the people you want on your team.

If the pressure pad is missing on your tape – we can fix it.

If the tape is broken or twisted in some way – we can repair it.

If the housing on your tape is warped or cracked – we can replace it.

We have seen it all and we can handle it all. If you need your audio and video tapes converted to digital, let us provide the safety of knowing it’s being done right.