Sounds That Bind

Sentimental and Meaningful Possessions

We get a lot of great feedback here at the Audiomover studio. We love hearing the “great job” and “thank you so much” comments from our customers. But periodically we get a heart-felt message about a particularly meaningful piece of media. We received such message this week:

This tape saw me through some difficult times and then it became too painful to listen to. When I attempted to reproduce the tape myself…it was impossible for me to accomplish.

Thank you so very much for restoring this with such high quality of sound---it was (and still is) a sentimental but very meaningful possession for me and I am very grateful.

Gail R.

Sound is an amazing elixir. Whether it’s music or a voice, the right sound can bring thoughts and feelings rushing back into your life from decades ago. It’s fun to listen to music you haven’t heard in years. You suddenly find yourself back in your bedroom, in the car, at a dance, in a forgotten moment of your life. You remember the faces, the sights, and perhaps more than anything, the feelings from a time long ago.

It’s one of the reasons you hear people use the phrase, “my music” when talking about the music they listen to. Music literally creates a soundtrack to your life. I wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago about hearing some songs I hadn’t heard since high school. I didn’t write the songs, I didn’t record the music, but it was still mine. It inspired me, it comforted me, it was even my friend during times when I felt alone.  

I think most people can relate to the phrase in this woman’s note when she says, “this tape saw me through some difficult times.”

At the studio we frequently receive recordings of people who have long since passed away singing songs, playing piano, speaking messages and telling stories. Family members and friends turn to these tapes for comfort and inspiration. And when their cassette players stop working, or their new car doesn’t have a tape deck, they get concerned that they will never hear that sound again.

So they turn to us.

And although Audiomover is a normal business, in the sense that it exists to make a profit, it is also a place where memories, long-lost feelings and even comfort are preserved.

It is a privilege to be a part of such an effort.