• Sandwiches in Security

    What we learn about airport security standards from a simple turkey sandwich.
  • Turtle Under a Truck Tire

    Success in today’s business world is often tied to that factor, focusing on the customer and their expectations.  
  • When Everything Else Breaks Down

    You aren’t really needed until you are needed. But when that moment comes, you save the team.
  • I Don't Make My Own Cheese

    Why should I spend my time and money on something that someone else can already do for me? Wouldn’t it make more sense for me to focus on what I am good at?
  • Dramatic and Paper Thin

    The small difference that causes one company to stand the test of time while others disappear.
  • Killer Snowflakes

    Collapsing Under the Weight of Innocence St. George is known for extreme heat. But the last two years (ironically since we opened the new studio h...
  • 3,000 Hours

    Single Moments Add Up I had a discussion in one of our team meetings recently about the importance of seconds, and why that has led to our succe...
  • Whimpering Resurgence

    Convenience Ultimately Wins the Day Last week I had the opportunity to be a special guest at an annual music industry event in Los Angeles, Califo...
  • Audiotape Skid Marks

    The Friction of Sound Like most kids, I loved riding a bike when I was young. And for most of the young boys I spent time with, riding the bike wa...
  • Sounds That Bind

    Sentimental and Meaningful Possessions We get a lot of great feedback here at the Audiomover studio. We love hearing the “great job” and “thank ...
  • Location, Location, Loca...Why?

    The Consequence of Your Whereabouts. Last week I flew to Denver. I rented a mini van, picked up my 19 year old son and started the long haul back t...
  • Remembering Triumph

    The Power of Positivity In 1983 I discovered a hard rock band that had a big impact on me. It was a three piece band from Canada. They were terribl...