June 24, 2019 - Robert John Hadfield

Forgotten Voices

Preserving the Words of Those Who Cannot Speak


One of the beauties of having a company like this is the positive impact we have on people’s lives. We frequently hear from people who have had their lives touched by our service. Sometimes the people call us ahead of time and tell us the significance of what they are sending. Sometimes we have no idea until after the fact. We recently received one such message through email:

I sent 2 reel to reel tapes to Audiomover (not knowing what was on the tapes) to be converted digitally. I can never repay this company for the pleasant surprise I received when listening to what was on one of these tapes which happens to be 60 years old. I did not know they existed until cleaning out some old files, almost throwing them away several times. My husband who now has Alzheimer’s made this tape for me when he was stationed in Korea in 1963. Thanks to John and his company for allowing me to hear my husband speak coherently once again. Needless to say….many happy tears! I highly recommend this company for their professionalism and prompt service.

Marveen Charlotte, NC

Receiving this note was a powerful reminder of the critical work we do here at the studio. We hope you will trust us with your irreplacable media this year.


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