July 10, 2017 - Robert John Hadfield


What we do in house and why.


In recent years I did work for a big company based in Englewood Colorado. Their primary business was something called Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). To put it simply, this company managed call centers. Not the telemarketers we all know and dislike, this company managed incoming calls.

How did that become a business? Well, operating a call center isn’t very easy. Operating a call center requires a unique technical infrastructure, it requires the ability to identify and hire people with a specific set of interpersonal skills, It requires training techniques that can get large groups of people knowledgeable on a particular topic in a short period of time, and much more. It’s a massive undertaking and many companies would rather outsource their call center needs.

When something isn’t in your competencies, it often makes more sense to have someone else do it. That’s what outsourcing is all about.

And we don’t always consider how much of business and life is outsourced. For example, I am writing this blog in a word-processing program called Microsoft Word. I didn’t create the Word Processing program, I “outsource” that task to Microsoft. And every month or so it updates on my computer to give me the latest developments, upgrades, etc. I “outsource” growing vegetables that I eat, making shoes, creating gasoline, entertainment, car repair, etc. The list of things in our life that we outsource every day is unlimited. We have more time to do the things that we are truly good at if we allow others to do the things that we aren’t.

It’s a fantastic symbiotic system and it has always been a part of society. The idea of outsourcing is at the core of any society.

Last week something got me thinking about outsourcing. We received a text from a potential customer. The text said, “I watched a video on your web site about how you convert your cassettes to digital in your studio, but you don’t mention where you do your video tapes. Where do you send those?”

Although it was strange to hear this question, it was a very reasonable thing to ask. In today’s marketplace to we tend to gravitate toward the idea that companies find some alternative way of getting work done, that there is a cheaper solution to the service and the company is actually a middle man between you and the service provider.

In our case, EVERYTHING you see on the web site is done in house. We have all of the common audio and video tape players, but we have also gathered a wide range of less common media machines so we can fill just about any need.

As the owner of the company, I am passionate about the media, the technology and the results. It is fun and interesting to me. This business is more than a way to make a living, in some ways, it is who I am. If we were outsourcing anything, I would lose my interest and passion for the work.

The more we can let go of the things that aren’t part of our competencies, the more we will have time to pursue and succeed at the things that we are truly interested in and passionate about.

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