March 20, 2017 - Robert John Hadfield

Customer Experience Turns Good to Great.

Companies put so much effort into doing as little as possible, customer service is the differentiator in the 2000s.


This weekend I took my son on one of our many yearly trips to Comicon. This one happened to be in Salt Lake City Utah. My son dressed up as one of his favorite video game villians and we had a spectacular time as usual. But interestingly, as I think back on our weekend, the thing that stands out the most is the guy at the rental car place!

We rented from Enterprise Rent-a-car. Not because we have any particiular loyalty, just because Orbitz listed them with the best price near my side of town. That's pretty much as far as my decision make process goes with rental cars.

On Thursday morning I showed up to pick up the car and started going through the motions of getting out my credit card and driver's license. The man behind the counter was pleasant enough and it seemed like it would be a standard check-out/drive away experience.

But when he walked me out to the car it was different, nothing big, just more than usual. This gentleman sat down in the front seat of the car and started pointing things out. He made sure we knew how to open the gas tank, he pointed out the USB connector, the auxillary plug for audio, and spent several minutes showing the basics of this particular car. The truth is, I probably could have figured most of those things out on my own, and he DIDN'T HAVE to do it - but he did. I would have driven away perfectly happy without the additional attention, and I'm sure he knew it, but he went above and beyond.

Then after finishing, our inspection of the body of the car he stopped and asked me where we were going. I said, "Comicon in Salt Lake City" and he spent the next couple of minutes smiling, asking questions and sharing how much he liked attending events like that and wishing us a good time.

I rent from Enterprise fequently based on price, but simple things like that build brand loyalty that transcend the desire for the lowest price.

I look at myself as the owner of AudioMover and Thick and Mystic Media and I wonder if I am doing everything I can to give that kind of personal customer service. This weekend helped me rethink and recommit to doing a better job and making sure anyone who works for me does too.

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